Friday, September 25, 2009

Western Decor Fall Center Pieces & Accessories

How to Decorate Your Western Home on a Budget For the Upcoming Holidays

With the upcoming holidays fast approaching, spending additional funds on new western furniture may not be an option for you. Instead, change some simple things in each room to give your home a burst of new energy just in time for the season of fall and winter festivals.

We spent less than $20 for our fabulous rustic western decor center piece for our foyer table during the Thanksgiving Holiday. The majority of the $20 was the fall foliage and candy - the rest of the items were found around the house.

To start building your center piece find a pair of boots that are rustic, but semi-clean. Next add your fall foliage to the boot using your favorite colors of flowers. We opted to select flowers that would match our boots, not necessarily our room. Place your boot in the center of your table, now is the fun part. Browse through your closet, storage building, decorations, your kids' closet/toy box and start gathering western decor items that are fun, shabby, and authentic. Now, we did use a "toy gun" in our piece, but most of the other items are functional western gear. After we balanced our western decor center piece, we added seasonal candy pieces to offer to our guest when they passed by. You can add "mini" center pieces throughout your home for added conversation and to offer "mini" gifts to your guest.

Of course cowboy boots do not have to be your center piece - an old saddle, rigging, or even a couple of small stick horse with the ends cut down will make wonderful starts to your holiday center pieces.

At H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store we want to help our customers make the most out of the holiday seasons and their pocket book! As stated in our previous western decor blogs, we are excited about Christmas and Thanksgiving. We are going to offer more western decor products available through our online store, but also ways that you can enrich your home with items that you probably already have. If you don't have them, they can be easily obtained through resale shops or thrift stores. So subscribe to the H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor - Facebook, Twitter, or blog to stay up-to-date on all of the latest western decor ideas.

~H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shabby Chic Western Decor Ideas

Photograph~Kip Dawkins
Country Home Dec 2006/Jan 2007

We have said before that the possibilities are endless when decorating with shabby chic with a little western kick. Yes, we have stated before that "print" resources never die at the Ranch, we love going through the magazines of the past and renewing old ideas. With that said, take a close look at the above "chalk board" or "family message board." Did you really examine the details of the board? Really? Look towards the floor, against the wall, behind the table legs, even up along the wall. A recycled screen door! Who comes up with these fabulous ideas? Whoever your are, we love it!

Okay, so you are asking yourself, "How do I make my own?" I know, we wanted to know what it would take and scrambling around to find out if we had everything to create our own. First, take a screen door- the more shabby the better! Remove all of the metal mesh remnants that may be left behind- use gloves to remove any glacier points, metal, or old nails. Once all of the loose particles are removed carefully measure a smooth piece of plywood or other surface material that will adhere to the "chalk paint" found at the local hardware store. We recommend spraying the chalk on first before attaching to the screen. After the board is sprayed, place it in your screen and attach with hardware. That is it folks, you have now created your own shabby chic message board.

As pictured above they have used a table with possible screws in the screen for mounting and security. Make sure that you secure your board to an even surface using mounting screws, otherwise it could be subject to falling. It is not recommended to just prop it against the wall or other objects unless created as a bi-fold door, which is just a few more steps, but easy enough to do.

For more information or questions regarding your western decor, contact us toll-free 866-878-1317 or go to our website:

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*Take precautions, a nick from a piece of the screen can become infected quickly if you break the skin! Use all safety gear necessary to prevent an accident.

*H&M Valley Ranch Store does not take responsibility for any injuries, accidents, or damage sustain while attempting to perform this DIY activity.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rustic Western Christmas Ornaments ~ Metal

~Rustic Western Christmas Ornaments ~ Metal
Purchase online at H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store
Our Price: $3.99 Lg
$2.99 SM

Add rustic western Christmas ornaments to your western Christmas tree, garland, cedar stick trees, wreaths, and so much more. H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store offers a wide variety of rustic ornaments from the cowboy to cowgirl and the broncs that go with them. Add one style or choose to decorate with an assortment of ornaments.

At H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store, we love to add the small rustic ornaments to Christmas packages for that little extra. Western ornaments come clear coated for protection, but you may choose to have them shipped without clear coat- brush on your own favorite colors to match your tree or gift wrap. The possibilities are endless and makes a great inexpensive gift for all of your friends and loved ones.

Remember, keep things simple at Christmas so that you might enjoy the true meaning of the holiday spirit. In saying that, Christmas can be less stressful if you plan ahead, including making your purchases for decorations and gifts. Most of all, enjoy!

Let H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store help you create that special Christmas or any other special occasion. Call toll-free 866-878-1317 or via email:

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Western Decor Acid Wash Cowhide Cowboy Hook
~Western Decor Acid Wash Cowboy Wall Hooks
(BAH-102) $79.00 our price

Featured product is hand crafted at the Ranch- acid wash brown, turquoise, and white cowhide hide with an chocolate brown ostrich print cowboy silhouette. Heavy over sized hammered clavos in the four corners. Metal horseshoes and hooks on the left and right of the cowboy. Hangers on the back are on 16" centers for easy hanging.

Let H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store custom create the perfect cowhide decor for your home, office, or lodge. Need a different motif? H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor will be happy to accommodate your western decor needs. Place your order at our online western decor store, email us, or call toll-free 866-878-1317.

Place your orders now for Christmas!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Standing Bronc Toilet Paper Holder


Hand Crafted at the Ranch- free standing Bronc Toilet Paper Holder made of metal tubing, 3 horseshoes, bronc silhouette. Bronc lifts up to store additional rolls of paper. Other motifs available. Measures 35" t x 12" w at the bottom.

Call H&M Valley Ranch Western Decor Store for your specify western decor needs. We are always happy to assist you in creating that special piece.

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