Saturday, February 23, 2008

Western Tacks, Nail Heads, & Clavos from H&M Valley Ranch Store

Many customers have requested H&M Valley Ranch Store offer western nail heads, over sized clavos, and upholstery tacks. For those western do-it-yourself people, we are now adding all of those items necessary for you to tackle your western décor project at home. Western hardware will be the category on the H&M Valley Ranch Store shopping page. Click on western hardware, from there go to western tacks & hardware. Customers will find a selection of western hardware in small quantities; which should help to keep the cost of your project to a minimum.

As always, if you have western décor question, feel free to email H&M Valley Ranch Store, call toll-free or browse their website!

~H&M Valley Ranch Store Design Team

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cowhide Lamp Shade - H&M Valley Ranch Store

Cowhide lamp shade? We are now carrying several cowhide, leather, or a combination. Our inventory is pretty low after Silver Dollar City & Christmas, but we will start adding several shades and CHANDELIERS to the H&M Valley Ranch Store western collection. If you need a shade, but don't see it listed, email or call us toll-free and tell us what you are looking for. Look for the new cowhide and leather window treatments as well! Remember, special orders are always welcomed!

Friday, February 8, 2008

HorseFest Added Show for H&M Valley Ranch Store

We are adding it late to our list, since it is March 7, 8, & 9, 2008 - HorseFest at Springfield Missouri.
We will be in the east wing - booth #132. Jennifer Casebeer will be there with all of her famous rodeo and horse paintings. Jennifer paints on wood, glass, and any antique piece of furniture she can find! Please stop by and visit our booth and enjoy a lot of horse clinics as well.
~H&M Valley Ranch Customer Service

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cowhide Rug - How to clean? Suggestions From H&M Valley Ranch Store

We have had several customers and Internet Searches ask, "How do I clean my cowhide rug?" It is depends on what you want. If you have spilled something on the cowhide, use a mild detergent such as Ivory liquid - Nothing with BLEACH additive!!! Be sure and check the label for ANY chlorine or other harsh chemicals. When you have your mild soap, take a damp cloth add a spot or two of soap and with the grain of the hair gentle remove the stain. Make sure to remove all soapy residue and let air dry. To clean on a regular basis just for dust - you can either shake the rug or vacuum with a gentle brush attachment - NEVER place your vacuum cleaner directly on the rug - it could get sucked into the vacuum and cause you to lose a clump of hair! Use attachments only when dry dusting rug.
Other questions? Feel free to email us at or go to our website for more information

~H&M Valley Western Decor Design Team