Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mini Horseshoe Ornaments from H&M Valley Ranch Store

Western shoppers, guess what the most popular western decor item sold at H&M Valley Ranch Store is? Cowhide leather runners? Western Rustic Bronc Lamps? Okay, how about all of those western hardware handles and knobs. Nope, the most sold item at H&M Valley Ranch is... the mini horseshoe - product number MH-22, the price, $.99.
So, for all of you western decor buyers who have purchased the mini-horseshoe, what do you do with them? Share with our western shoppers some decorating ideas and how they could use the mini-horseshoes in their home, lodge, or ranch home.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Top Western Decor Searches for H&M Valley Ranch Store

At the Ranch, we like our customers and other people browsing around on the Internet to know what other western people are searching for. For the month of January 2008, western enthusiast are coming to H&M Valley Ranch Online Store for the following western decor items:
1. Western Decor
2. Cowhide Mirror- MIR-201
3. Rifle Hook- NH-S01
4. Cowhide Placemats/Leather - LRC-151
5. Western Lamp Shades- SHK-16
6. Mini Horseshoes- MH-22
7. Western Pillows- PL-101
8. Western Bathroom Accessories
9. Ranch Decor
10. Cowhide Table Runners- RU-01
And about 250 other western searches!

Need a western decor item and can't find it? Call toll-free 866.878.1317 or email us: info@h-mvalley.com and we will see if we can help locate or make the your western decor need.
~H&M Valley Ranch Store Customer Service

Friday, January 18, 2008

Western Decor Mailing List from H&M Valley Ranch Store

For all of you western decor enthusiast, we print a bi-monthly product flyer that has about 30 western decor products from H&M Valley Ranch Store. If you would like to read the latest Western Decor Trends, find out places to shop for western decor, or browse our western decor line, drop us an email and we would be pleased to add you to are mailing list. Go to our website: www.h-mvalley.com, hit email, and tell us that you would like to receive a product flyer.
H&M Valley Ranch, will send out the next Western Decor issue March 2008.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Western Decor Trends for 2008

Look for the new cowhide rugs, these are not your ordinary cowhide rugs either – acid wash is the latest in cowhide rug fashion. But, don’t think in terms of just rugs, the hottest purses, belts, hats, pillows, furniture, and everything in between will have some patches of the acid cowhide. For examples of the acid wash, checkout the Western Christmas Gift Guide section in: American Cowboy, Cowboys & Indians, & Western Horseman magazines. H&M Valley Ranch will be listing their new acid wash line in late November of 2008. Be looking for the acid wash cowhide mirrors, chaise loungers, pillows and foot stools.

Hand-tooled leather items will be highly visible this fall and probably even into early spring. Fall colors of deep rust, dark hues of brown and age-old black are being created into leather & silver earrings, handbags, arms of furniture, and a host of other western treasures. Belts are also going to flash some hand-tooled leather, but look for a lot of acid wash hair-on hide as well.

Do you have a western décor question or comment? How about ways to add old western charm to your existing décor? Ask us here at the Ranch, we love to hear from you! If we cannot answer your question, we will find someone that can. Jennifer Casebeer is part of the design team here at the Ranch. Jennifer lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has years of experience in both modern and antique western designs. The Ranch will be listing more of Jennifer’s western artwork and designs in the upcoming months.
-Western Design Creators at H&M Valley Ranch Store

866-878-1317 or www.h-mvalley.com